Latest Celebrity Colour Trends


We’re not sure why, but summer seems to be the time of year when clients throw caution to the wind and experiment with a myriad different hair colours. Whether they’re getting into the spirit of the festival season or just want a new, on-trend look for their holiday, summer is definitely the season for experimentation. For some that means a subtle change in the form of highlights, others want a more dramatic transformation with a neon coloured dip dye or a full head change of colour – though we don’t necessarily recommend them for everybody! As always, celebrities lead the way when it comes to transformative haircuts and colours. Here are a few of our current favourite celebrity colour trends:

Cara Delevinge's pink hair

Model and actress Cara Delevinge was recently spotted (and pictured all over social media) sporting a pink wig. We thought she looked great and found this in the archives from another pink period.








Kristen Wiig pink highlightsAnother fan of pink hair is actress and comedian Kristen Wiig. She has opted for a subtler shade than some of her contemporaries and we are loving the look!







Georgia May Jagger's rainbow hair

There is nothing subtle about Georgia May Jagger’s rainbow colours! Maybe she couldn’t decide which colour to go for and so opted for the whole colour range. Whatever the motivation, the result certainly makes a dramatic impact.






Kylie Jenner's green hairThe jury’s still out on Kylie Jenner’s latest look but there is no doubting that her icy blue locks are visually impressive.








Anne Hathaway blonde hair

Of course, a change of colour doesn’t necessarily have to involve bright shades. Blonde to brunette or vice versa can look great and a short, blonde crop is a fabulous summer look as actress Anne Hathaway demonstrates.

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