Celebrity hair transformations


For some reason the end of the summer heralds a rise in the number of people visiting the salon looking for a new look. It’s probably the adult equivalent of getting your new pencil case ready for school – a chance for a fresh start, full of good intentions!

Celebs and A-listers are not immune to the urge for a drastic transformation either and here are some of our favourites:

Brightly coloured dip dyed hair has been popular this year. Singer and actress Britney Spears obviously couldn’t narrow down which colour she wanted so went for the rainbow effect – and very striking it is too.

Britney Spears Hair Transformation

From turquoise to blue, Kylie Jenner is not afraid to experiment with her hair colour. Here though she has gone from dark to bronde – this year’s must have blend of blond and brunette – and we think it looks great.

Kylie Jenner Hair Transformation

Rihanna is forever changing her hair and we love some of her bold experimentations. This was certainly a dramatic transformation from the singer and we love the colour of those long, sleek curls.

Rhianna Hair Transformation

From green to bright pink, actress and singer songwriter Hilary Duff could never be accused of being boring or bland when it comes to her hair predilections.

Hillary Duff Hair Transformation

Singer and actress Lily Allen is no stranger to different hair colours but this combination of neon pink, green and yellow is probably her most outlandish ever!

Lily Allen Hair Transformation

Elizabeth Olsen looks fabulous with her fresh, blond locks. The 26-year-old American actress has experimented with a range of different lengths and colours but this is definitely one of our favourites.

Elizabeth Olsen Haie Transformation

We love this short crop which singer Katy Perry adopted. Having exhausted every hair colour going the American singer songwriter obviously decided it was time to experiment with the length and we think the result is stunning.

Katy Perry Hair Transformation

Photo credits: www.elle.com

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