Dip Dye Hairstyles: Celebrity Inspiration


Thanks to the legions of pictures of celebrities and fashionistas sporting multi-tonal locks on social media, the trend for dip dye hairstyles is having a resurgence.

Dip dyeing is a colouring technique which involves dipping the ends of the hair into dye. And though anything goes in the world of dip dyeing, the current trend is very much for bright neon colours including blue, green and pink. However if you are not feeling terribly bold or experimental then it is possible to achieve a more blended and natural dip dye colouring known as ombre.

Of course, if you love the bold look but are worried about experimenting with outlandish colours then you can always opt for dip dye hair extensions. However, at VK Hairstyling we love the real thing; it’s the perfect way to reinvent your look by making a bold statement but without having to actually change your style. Take a look at some of dip dye’s current celebrity fans and we’re sure you’ll agree:

Gwen Stefani Dip Dye

Gwen Stefani goes for a multi-coloured flame-inspired look at the launch of her single Spark the Fire.

Jessie J Dip

Singer Jessie J rocks hot pink hair tips.













Rita Ora Dip Dye

Rita Ora is renowned for her regular outlandish hair colour changes and these bright blue tresses don’t disappoint.

Paloma Faith Dip Dye

Paloma Faith opts for striking mint green tips.














VK Hairstyling top tip: though it is possible to dip dye your hair at home it can be a very messy business so we recommend treating yourself to a salon visit. That way you can be sure to get the colour you want, where you want it!

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