Hannah Burling joins us from Styles by Hannah

Stylist at VK came from Styles by Hannah

It’s the beginning of our journey here at VK Hair Styling and we’re really psyched that our brilliant new hair stylist Hannah Burling will be joining us today as a permanent employee of VK Hair Styling and a fantastic addition as a permanent member of the VK team. Hannah has previously worked at Styles by Hannah based in the lovely Hertfordshire village of Meldreth near Royston.

We’ve only been open a few weeks so Hannah comes in at a really exciting time for us. Hannah says she liked her time at Styles by Hannah but that now it was time to leave that world behind and look forward to a new challenge at VK Hair Styling.

She says she does have a few mobile clients that will not come in to the salon because they live too far away. Hannahs not the sort to leave them high and dry. She is prepared to service them in her own time or until they decide to go else where.

Hannah brings a wealth of experience and expertise with her. She was formally trained when she worked at the Toni and Guy hair salon in Cambridge and attended the prestigious Toni&Guy Academy in London.

When Hannah worked at Styles by Hannah based in Meldreth she also did some mobile hairdressing operating under the name of Styles by Hannah. She says she is really glad she has joined the lovely team at VK Hair Styling and much prefers being permanently based in the salon. Hannah says she feels that the clients get a better experience to. She is looking forward to being part of the overall experience that being in a permanent salon team means.

She says there are only a few clients that will not travel but that the majority will love coming into the salon. In salon they will get the luxurious salon experience, friendliness and warmth of everyone in the salon.

We are all looking forward to working with Hannah and wish her all the best as a permanent new member of our fabulous team.

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