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At last it seems that summer has arrived on our shores. But whilst we may be enjoying the sunshine and warmth, it’s fair to say that the heat and humidity are not ideal conditions for beautiful locks. Many amongst our clients asked for hairstyle tips  for the warm weather, here are some of our favourites:

Natural Wave

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Natural wave

Summer is the perfect chance to let normally high maintenance hair do its own thing. No matter how much blow drying and straightening you subject it to in high humidity hair will go frizzy almost as soon as you walk out the house so why not simply enjoy those natural waves? Simply make sure your hair is well conditioned and keep it moisturised throughout the day by keeping a spritzing bottle containing your favourite oil and water close to hand.




Short Hair

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Short hair

If you’ve already got short hair then you are ahead of the game in keeping cool. To gain maximum benefit from a short style keep it off your brow with a bit of added texture at the front. Alternatively for added sophistication keep hair off the face by slicking it back, as modelled here by actress Emma Watson.







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The bun

The bun is a perennial favourite at all times of year but in hot weather it is perfect for those who want to lift long hair away from the neck. There are a huge range of buns to choose from braided buns to sock buns to classic buns. Achieving a simple, classic bun couldn’t be easier; create a side parting, pull hair back into a ponytail, braid the ends of the ponytail, wrap the braid around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Simple and stylish and above all cool!





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