How to plait hair: The French Plait

Making a French Plait

For those lucky enough to have beautiful long tresses the hot summer months can be bit of a challenge.  One of the easiest ways to keep cool as the thermometer climbs is to perfect the plait. If that conjures up images of school days and pig tails then take a look below; this grown-up French plait is a much more sophisticated affair!

French plait

This is the traditional plait and though the finished look may be stunning it is actually very easy to achieve if you follow these simple steps:

  • Brush hair thoroughly
  • Gather enough hair from the top of the head to form a braid. Divide this braid into three sections.
  • Cross the right braid over the middle section and then repeat with the left section. Make sure you pull the sections tight as you go along otherwise it may come undone.
  • Before repeating the above pull in a bit more hair and add it to the right section. Cross over the middle section and then do the same with the left section making sure you gather an equal amount of hair so the plait is not lopsided.
  • Repeat the above steps making sure you incorporate all the hair and secure the finished plait with a band.
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