In Salon Services

Wella SP service bottle dispensers @ VK Hair Styling, Barkway, Hertfordshire

Enjoying a privileged position in the village of Barkway between Royston and Buntingford; VK Hair Styling Salon provides a perfect sanctuary in the countryside of Hertfordshire. VK Hair Styling offers an impressive selection of in Salon services for both male and female clients; for those that want to unwind and vanquish their stress or for clients that need to look their most fabulous for the day ahead.

Consultation15 mins£0
Cut & Blowdry1 hr£37.50
Ladies Wet Cut (trim of existing style)45 mins£22
Restyle1 hr£43
Restyle wet cut45 mins£29
Gents Wet Cut30 mins£18
Luxury Cut & Blowdry1 hr 15 mins£45
Ladies Luxury Wet Cut1 hr£29
60 Plus Ladies Wet Cut (Tuesdays only)45 mins£18
60 Plus Cut & Blowdry (Tuesdays only)1 hr£31.50
60 Plus Gents Cut (Tuesday only)30 mins£15
0-5yrs Wet Cut30 mins£8
6-12yrs Wet Cut45 mins£13
13-16yrs Wet Cut45 mins£18
Blowdry (Short)45 mins£18
Blowdry (Long)45 mins£22
Blowdry & Curl (Short)1 hr£25
Blowdry & Curl (Long)1 hr£29
Blowdry & Rollers (Short)45 mins£20
Blowdry & Rollers (Long)1 hr£24
Hair Up Standard *1 hr£38
Set (Short)30 mins£16
Set (Long)45 mins£19
Plaiting30 mins£15
Global Keratin Straightening
Global Keratin Straightening - Short1 hr£80
Global Keratin Straightening - Medium/Long1 hr£110
Wella- Kolaston/Color Touch/Illuminia : & Organic Colour Systems
Full Head Highlights (Short)1 hr 15 mins£64.50
Full Head Highlights (Long)1 hr 15 mins£69.50
Half Head Highlights (Short)45 mins£44.50
Half Head Highlights (Long)45 mins£49.50
Front Foils (Short)30 mins£32.50
Front Foils (Long)30 mins£35.50
Semi & Front Foils (Short)1 hr 15 mins£69.50
Semi & Front Foils (Long)1 hr 15 mins£74.50
Semi Permanent (Short)30 mins£35.50
Semi Permanent (Long)45 mins£43.50
Root Tint Only30 mins£33
T-section Root Tint30 mins£18
Full Head Tint (Short)30 mins£35.50
Full Head Tint (Long)45 mins£41.50
Ombre1 hr 15 mins£81.50
Balayage1 hr£79.50
Dip Dye45 mins£49.50
Toner15 mins£12
Gents Comb Through15 mins£18
Bleach Bath30 mins£15
Illumina Full Head Highlights (Short)1 hr 15 mins£74.50
Illumina Full Head Highlights (Long)1 hr 15 mins£79.50
Illumina Half Head Highlights (Short)45 mins£54.50
Illumina Half Head Highlights (Long)45mins£59.50
Illumina Front Foils (Short)30 mins£38.50
Illumina Front Foils (Long)30 mins£42.50
Illumina Semi & Front Foils (short)1hr 15 mins£79.50
Illumina Semi & Front Foils (long)1hr 15 mins£85.50
Illumina Root Tint30 mins£43.50
Illumina Full Head Tint (Short)30 mins£45.50
Illumina Full Head Tint (Long)45 mins£49.50
Illumina Balayage1hr 15 mins£81.50
Illumina Gents Comb Through15 mins£28
OCS Full head highlights (Short)1 hr£74.50
OCS Full head highlights (Long)1hr 15 min£79.50
OCS Half Head Highlights (Short)45 mins£54.50
OCS Half head Highlights (long)45 mins£59.50
OCS Front foils (short)30 mins£38.50
OCS Front foils (long)45 mins£42.50
OCS Semi & Front Foils (short)1hr 15 mins£79.50
OCS Semi & Front Foils (long)1hr 15 mins£84.50
OCS Full head tint (short)30 mins£45.50
OCS Full head tint (long)45 mins£49.75
OCS Root Tint30 mins£43.50
OCS T-section root Tint30 mins£18
OCS Ombre1hr 15 mins£81.00
OCS Balayage1hr 15 mins£79
OCS Bleach Bath30 mins£15
OCS Gents comb through15 mins£28
Wella Intensive Treatment15 mins£15
Colour Secret - short15 mins£15
Colour Secret - long15 mins£20
Standard Perm (Short)1 hr£38
Standard Perm (Long)1 hr£45

* Please note for Wedding Hair visit our Wedding Packages page

Opening Hours for VK Hair Styling

Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 11am – 8pm
Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm
Sunday – CLOSED

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

VK Hair Styling

4 High Street, Barkway, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 8EE.

Tel.: 01763 848 535