Is a fringe right for me?


Fringes have made a real come back this year and at VK Hair Styling we are big fans. A fringe is a great way to update a hairstyle without being too drastic yet at the same time it can dramatically alter your appearance.

Whether you go for blunt full bangs or a sultry sweeping style a fringe normally has the effect of making you look younger and also has the added advantage of suiting almost everyone.

The shape of your face is key when deciding which style to opt for and your hairdresser will be able to advise you on which style would work best for you but as a guide the following rules normally apply:

Oval – With an oval face you have two options; either a side swept fringe which is longer at the temples or a short, choppy fringe. Both these will work well whatever the thickness of your hair but avoid a bold, straight fringe as this is too heavy for the shape of your face.

Heart-shaped – this is the perfect shape for a thick, blunt fringe as it will highlight your cheekbones.  Alternatively a pixie crop with a short hairline fringe will look great on you but if this is a little drastic why not start by asking your hairdresser to cut a long fringe so you can tuck it behind your ears.

Square – The best look for a square face is a big, choppy fringe that touches the brows. It is important that it is quite long and ideally layered at the sides as this has maximum anti-ageing impact.

Round – If your hair is fine then go for a long, eyebrow-skimming fringe with a wispy cut. For thicker hair go for the same length but try styling it to the side as this is a more flattering, youthful look.

Long – Fringes are perfect for those with long faces as they can disguise a high forehead. The best way to achieve this is with a thick, blunt-cut fringe. If you have quite angular features then their appearance can be softened with a soft-cut, side-swept fringe.

fringe 1- pic               Fringe 2-pic

Model and TV presenter Alexa Chung is well-known for her trademark fringe though she has experimented with other styles.

VK Hair Styling top tip: don’t be afraid of experimenting with a fringe. It really is a feature that suits most people and if you don’t get along with your new bangs then it is simple and inexpensive to let them grow out. If you have fine hair, we recommend a small dollop of Wella SP Preparation before styling your fringe, it would look bigger in an instant and would hold for longer.

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