Luxe Oil, our salon loves it!


Luxe Oil we love it, and not just for damaged hair!

Wella Luxe Oil is my very favourite product. It is suitable for all hair types adding softness and amazing shine in an instant.

Clients love the way it brings fine hair under control but saying that it doesn’t feel clumpy or greasey and you don’t need much of it, just a couple of pumps. A lot of people also comment on how lovely Luxe Oil smells.

luxe-oil-collection-of-productsThe ethos behind the Luxe Oil collection of products is a light and non-greasy way to transform your hair’s texture whilst protecting, smoothing and softening to leave hair nourished and hydrated with a premium and weightless finish.

The formula with a fusion of reconstructive ingredients provides Keratin protection and helps to strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Almond Oil, known for its hydration benefits and lightness of weight.

Jojoba Oil used for its natural cosmetic benefits and particularly suitable for the dry ends of hair.

Argan Oil known as ‘liquid gold’, famed for its nourishing, properties. The formula with these gorgeous ingredients combines to leave hair looking, smelling and feeling transformed.


Inside the hair shaft the small molecules of SP Luxe Oil nourishing formulas penetrate hair, locking in moisture and bonding the Keratin. 90% of every hair consists of keratin and (dependent on the moisture in the environment) 5 – 10% are water. Keratin is a fibrous protein, which gives strength and elasticity to the inner and outer hair structure. Luxe Oil ensures hair becomes less porous, keeps moisture and is strengthened from the inside.



The external hair shaft is called the cuticle. The cuticle is the outer and strongest part of the hair shaft. It is made up of dead flattened cells that overlap each other. The cuticle is largely made of keratin. The oil and conditioning components form a protective layer around each hair, protecting against damage and reconstructing every strand.



The System Professional Luxe Oil Collection by Wella gives you a daily regime to achieve glamorous and healthy looking hair.

Clean and nourish with Keratin Protection Shampoo The Keratin Protect Shampoo will start your transformation by helping to protect your luscious locks and will leave your hair luxuriously clean and healthy looking.

Treat and protect with The Keratin Restore Mask will continue the intensive care with nourishing ingredients that will reconstruct hair fibres leaving hair soft to the touch and up to three times smoother than if left untreated.

Smoothen and moisturize with Keratin Boost Essence Next, with its formula containing building blocks, use the Keratin Boost Essence to help strengthen and support the hair’s structure whilst hair is left tangle free and perfectly prepared.

Pamper and treat with SP Luxe Oil SP Luxe Oil by System Professional is a remarkable, reconstructive elixir containing exquisite oils. It gives your hair a luxury makeover. Apply a few drops through the mid lengths and ends of your hair before blow drying and we have Wella SP Luxe Oil 100ml on special promotion at £18.20.

For added nourishment and shine try SP Luxe Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray To finish, spray the Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray over dried hair to leave locks nourished and radiant, whilst giving hair a beautiful bouncy finish. This light oil spray is the first of its kind from Wella Professionals, introducing a new way to apply hair oil within our product range.

A Lightweight Way to Hair Transformation
Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director says, “The Luxe Oil collection is about instantly transforming hair, helping to give a beautiful silky and luxurious finish. This range is ideal for all hair types and I love its versatility.”

System Professional Luxe Oil Collection is available to buy online at and in salon at our Barkway branch between Buntingford and Royston.

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