Tally Ho Barkway; breakfast meeting.

the tally ho

So how nice to be invited by Kevin and Salessha Hall of The Tally Ho in Barkway to a breakfast meeting in their newly refurbished and lovely Public House, Restaurant and Cafe.

Kimberley and I met outside the Tally Ho at 7.30am. It was a very sunny and bright morning but there was a nip in the air which had been cold enough to make me have to scrape the windscreen before leaving home. We entered the pub and were immediately greeted by a beaming Kevin who welcomed us to the the event. He didn’t waste any time and showed us over to the important area where the tea and coffee were being served so that we may get our obligatory caffeine fix to kick start the day.

Kimberley recognised a couple of familiar faces straight away. One of which was Julie Jennings of KHM Recruitment Ltd who Kimberley new from her previous salon.

Kevin, Saleesha, and their marketing coordinator Sandra McDonald spent some time going round introducing themselves to everybody and making sure cups were full.

Kevin then addressed the group as a whole and gave a brief talk about what was new at the Tally Ho. He introduced the new Chef that was making all the exciting food choices and formats that are available.

Kevin was eager to communicate how business meetings could now be accommodated along with food and drinks and how areas of the pub could be reserved as long as they were available and that they have sufficient warning.

Take away food can now be ordered (much to the delight of everyone at VK) provided prior notice is given for it to be prepared and cooked before it is picked up. This included, but not limited to, bacon rolls, sausage rolls, jacket potatoes and scotch eggs. Kevin did point out that they did not provide fast food only high quality food served as fast as possible.

While Kevin gave his talk large platters of steaming hot and deliciously smelling food were bought out from the kitchen and when Kevin had finished he guided every one to go and get stuck in.

The lovely hot full English breakfast was more than welcome and gave an excellent start to the day and they even catered for my coeliac gluten free requirement.

We had a chance at the end to quickly go round and say goodbye to the other attendees who were Newsells, Nuthampstead Shooting Ground, ProActive Investment Management Ltd, The Crow, Certax Accounting and Anderton Marketing.

All in all a very worth while event showcasing The Tally Ho and its business centric facilities benefiting all who attended.

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