The Nail Bar at VK Hair Styling


We are super excited to have Amanda Read of the Nail Bar now in the salon. Amanda has over 20 years experience and is skilled in the full range of Nail services including Acrylics. Call or book online to make your appointment with Amanda and treat your nails. Below is an outline of the services that Amanda offers. (And don’t forget £5 off your first appointment)

Gel polish on natural nails

Gel Nails at the Nail Bar

Gel polish is great for those clients who prefer the polished look.  As a rule, they last around 2 weeks but can last longer.

Nail art, glitter and design can be added if you fancy something a little different.

Removal of Gel polish is most important and there is no way to camouflage you haven’t picked the gel off – remember I’m the expert !!

Removal is done in the salon and can either be removed by using an electric file (no it won’t hurt) but if you don’t like the sound of the file, we can soak the Gel off !!!

Customer Re-Design


The old artwork is filled down and new work can be applied over the top.

For the Client that likes to nibble!


Trust me – the majority of us do it!

It’s a habit some of us find hard to break.

Even if you have bitten your nails so far down and you think I can’t help you, I ask you to come an challenge me.

I guarantee with my help and a little work from you, those days will be gone when you try to hide your nails.

You will find yourself more confident and talking with your hands!

But please be under no illusion, I WILL NOT be putting LONG nails on you no matter how much you beg me too!!!

Tip overlay treatment


Plastic tips are glued to the natural nail to extend the nail length.  Acrylic is applied over the natural nail and tip to create strength and structure.

Custom Acrylic Sculpture


A form is filled onto the finger so the free edge can be extended.

Nail art designs are made with coloured acrylic to create your customer design, maybe to match a specific outfit!

The nails are built up for strength and structure and then filled to finish.  By sculpting nails you will get a much closer and more natural fit to your own nails.  These can be made to any shape, any length that you require.

The Nail Bar at VK Hair Styling Price Listthe-nail- bar-at-vk-hair-styling-price-list

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