Beach Beautiful Hair – Top tips from VK Hairstyling


Finally, the days are getting longer, the temperature’s rising and thoughts are turning to sandy beaches, sparkling seas and enticing pools. But though we may love soaking up the rays and cooling off in the water, our hair is sadly not quite so enamoured with the sun, salt and chlorine.

Without a bit of TLC hair can end up dry, tangled and unmanageable; not a good holiday look. Fortunately a little bit of preparation and care is all it takes to ensure your hair looks fabulous all holiday long both on the beach and late in to the night.  Here are some of our top tips for beautiful beach hair:

  • Ideally keep your hair covered on the beach. A stunning scarf or hat chosen to complement your swimwear will not only look great but will protect hair from the sun’s damaging rays.
  • If you prefer your hair uncovered then make sure it is well conditioned. This can be achieved by conditioning beforehand, applying a leave in conditioner or coating it with a thick layer of coconut or castor oil.
  • At the end of a hard day’s swimming and sunbathing make sure you wash your hair thoroughly (rather than simply rinsing it) to ensure that all the damaging salt and chlorine is removed.
  • Just as your skin needs protecting from the sun so too does your hair. There are many products on the market which contain water-resistant UV protection to minimise colour fading, damage and dryness.
  • Keeping hair moisturised throughout the day is essential. A spritzing bottle containing your favourite oil and water is an essential beach bag accessory and should be used liberally throughout the day.

Ultimately your holiday should be all about relaxation and your hair should reflect this carefree attitude.

Here are some of our favourite beach styles:

Beach Hair - Braids This stunning braid looks stylish yet relaxed atop long beach waves.

Beach Hair - Flowers  A simple hair band adorned with a flower keeps hair away from the face whilst exuding a perfect beach vibe.

Beach Hair - Plait A plait is the perfect, low-maintenance solution for long holiday hair.











Beach hair - up  This style is stunning, practical and will stay put whilst you enjoy everything the beach and pool has to offer.

Beach hair - bun A simple bun is as low maintenance as you can get whilst still looking fabulous.

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