Top winter hairstyles


As the temperature plummets and winter fashions take centre stage we take a look at the top winter hairstyles for the season.

It appears that texture is the name of the game with short, textured, pixie cuts proving popular among trendsetters. Those with longer hair have also got in on the look with feathered, shoulder-length hair proving popular. And even bobs have gone from slick and straight to short, defined waves.

Here’s how to achieve this winter’s most coveted looks:

Short hair – This year’s pixie cut, modelled here by Scarlett Johansson, is dramatic and edgy with shaved sides, spikes and lots and lots of texture.

Scarlett Johansson Pixie Cut

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You need confidence (and a great stylist!) to master this look. To keep it looking good between salon visits use a volumising product on wet hair and dry with a hairdryer using your fingers rather than a brush. Style it into the desired look and fix in place with a styling wax.


Medium length hair – The wavy bob which gently frames the face is a much more relaxed style than the perennially popular straight bob. Seen here on Sienna Mille it looks great poking out from a winter hat and is a cosy, flattering style on most people.

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A great cut is key to achieving this look. To style it yourself use your fingers to create lift and then a polishing wax to define sections.

Longer hair – Shoulder length hair features feathery layers and can be finished off either with a fringe – as modelled by Taylor Swift – or without. Partings can be central or to the side and wearing behind the ear is optional.

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It is important to get some lift when creating this style so use a volumising product on damp hair. Then dry with fingers initially before finishing off with a styling brush.

Don’t panic though if you can’t quite bring yourself to go for the full textured look. As with most fashions there are always exceptions to the rules and straight, long hair with absolutely no layers is still trending though with a nod to texturing by introducing a little bit of feathering at the ends.

VK Hair Styling top tip: When you have a new hairstyle always ask your hairdresser to show you exactly how to style it so you can recreate the salon look in between visits. There is nothing more frustrating than walking out of a salon with a great new look only to struggle to replicate it yourself at home.


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