Wedding Hairstyles: Tips For Bridesmaids


After the bride and groom, the bridesmaids are probably the most prominent and photographed guests at a wedding and it is therefore important that their hair looks great all day long. Though the golden rule must be not to upstage the bride there are a few other important dos and don’ts to bear in mind for bridesmaids wedding hairstyles as the big day approaches:


  • Get all the bridesmaids together in advance to discuss what style or styles they are going to have. Obviously if some have short hair and others long then they are all going to be different. However if they have a similar length then it is important to decide whether everyone is having the same style or not. If the bride wants some uniformity then it is possible to use the same accessories in different length hair.
  • Try and make a pre-wedding day visit to the hairdressers if everyone is having their hair professionally styled. This will ensure everyone is happy with their style and there will be no histrionics on the big day! Also if the appointment takes longer than anticipated you can factor that in on the day.
  • If using fresh flowers talk to your florist about which blooms will work best in terms of freshness and seasonal availability.
  • On the day make sure you allow plenty of time at the hairdressers. Many salons will provide complimentary drinks and nibbles for the bridal party. Bear in mind that if you are having a glass of fizz it’s wise to eat something beforehand so that you are relaxed and comfortable rather than light-headed and hungry.
  • Wear a shirt to have your hair styled so that it can be removed without messing up the hair.
  • Consider having your make-up applied before your hair is styled so that you don’t to need to rearrange your hair when applying foundation etc.


  • Do as Kim Kardashin’s sister did prior to Kim’s big day and go for an outrageous hair colour (blue in Kylie’s case) without consulting the bride.
  • Wash your hair on the day – washing it the day before means it will hold its shape better.
  • Leave visible spray tan marks – if you are going for a bit of colour for the big day make sure that you factor in whether your hair will be up or down and the hairline is blended well.

Above all have fun experimenting and make sure you go with something that you are comfortable with. Here are a few of our favourite bridal hair styles this season:

bridesmaid hair


bridesmaid hair 1


bridesmaid hair 2


bridesmaid hair 3


bridesmaid 4


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