Nat Massey attends WI Hair and Beauty Evening

VK Hair Styling presenting at WI meeting

I had the pleasure of being invited to hold a VK Hair Styling Workshop at a local WI meeting in Baldock, Hertfordshire along with my fellow Beauty Professional, Amy Kruse, and what a great evening it turned out to be!

After doing our introductions and outlining our agenda for the evening we started the event by canvassing for models. It didn’t take much persuasion to get one of the ladies to agree to be my model to demonstrate blow drying techniques, back combing and styling ideas that could easily be created and managed in the comfort of their own home.

Armed with their new found styling skills the ladies were now ready to have individual colour consultations. Each lady received her very own assessment taking into account any styles and colours the ladies might be interested in achieving. I got the ladies to consider factors like their natural complexion, skin tones, hair colour, face shape, lifestyle and much more in trying to develop the perfect hair colour that they may want to try. The sessions were very well received, in particular they were enthusiastic to find out what hair colour would best suit their skin tone taking into account their personal style.

For the next part of the evening the ladies were able to relax and let me do all the talking. This was an easy job for me talking about our comprehensive and fantastic range of Wella SP products. I went through all the relevant features and benefits and created a personalised prescription for all based on the information we had gathered from the individual consultations.

This bought the evening to a close and we concluded the demonstration with each lovely lady receiving a VK Hair Styling goody bag containing free samples and some literature.

WI Meeting Interactive Sessions

The WI ladies of Baldock were a great crowd and they provided a lovely audience for us to showcase the services and products we provide. This has provided a great opportunity to enable us to heighten the profile of VK Hair Styling in the local area. We would love to be able to present many more interactive sessions to lots more groups and parties.

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